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Out Door Music _2008
Billy Brandt, Sarana Verlin and Some Velvet Evening 2010
Darling Imperia
The Sugar People
Dog Latin
Skinny Raccoons_ 2009
Lake Folk 2010
Emily Rose
Jeff Pianki 2009
Spider & Octopus 2009
Ian Link by JB
Folk Music 2009
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Since opening our doors seventeen years ago, music has been an integral part of the PCBC. However, until 2008, scheduled live performances were inconsistent events with as few as 4 - 5 shows a year. In 2008 the Prokes family, owners of the PCBC, appointed dedicated local musician and artist Jeffree Paul St. John as Director of Music and Arts.

Jeffree’s commitment to the local music community fostered a transformation, cultivating a consistent flow of area talent onto our stage. Since 2008, our performance schedule has offered customers over 100 shows each year in addition to a weekly open-mic every Monday.

The PCBC offers a diverse array of musical performances such as Acoustic Folk, Americana, Indie, Emo, Pop, Country, and Rock along with the occasional Jazz, World or Electronic performance. Michigan based performers make up the majority of our calendar, but we also host performers traveling from out of state. After two years of hosting a regular schedule of live music, the PCBC is fast becoming one of the area’s best all ages music venues.


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