A coffee shop is not a coffee shop without delicious specialty drinks, great food items, crepes made to order, and tantalizing desserts. Here at the Plymouth Coffee Bean we have all of these and more, proving we are the best coffee shop in the Detroit Area.

We at the Bean want you to enjoy yourself when you are here with us. We offer a diverse menu for you to enjoy throughout the day.

The coffee is fresh hot and ready at six in the morning every weekday. You can start the day off right and wake up your groggy head with an egg-a-muffin and double shot of espresso. On Saturday mornings, we offer a special treat, fresh home-made pancakes, just the thing to kick the weekend off.

The Coffee Bean is a great stop for lunch. Relax in the sun on our patio with a chicken Caesar sandwich and fresh fruit smoothie, just the thing to revitalize after a long morning at work.

Be sure to break up your afternoon monotony and recharge the batteries with a soy latte and a home-made vegan cookie while looking at all the creative local art on our walls.

At night the Bean really shines. The patio is alight with conversation and intimate lighting. After dinner stop for one of our deliciously divine cakes or tarts and a mocha with that special someone. Our live music is playing inside for those who want to enjoy musical talents of our Open Mic performers on Mondays or concerts on the weekend, and don’t forget the coffee.

The Plymouth Coffee Bean is the perfect place to visit whether you just need a quick break, quite study, or rock in to the night.


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